Monday, June 29, 2020

Why Its Time To Prioritise Your Happiness

Why is it I'm often trying to solve everyone else's problems before my own? At the time it makes you feel good to help others and to give advice, although when I reflect I realise that I’ve ignored how I was feeling, which resulted in not putting my own happiness first. 

What is Happiness and Why Does it Matter? The state of feeling that is associated with the word is different for everyone. I didn't know what genuine happiness was until I got much older. It wasn't until I stopped following the crowd and started doing my own thing that I really became truly happy.

I used to fixate on external factors which we often do - such as money, status and other things we chase in the pursuit of happiness - that inevitably don’t make us happy. 

Growing up I felt like I had to be a certain way to be liked and that's such a sad way of of looking at things but most kids do and its not until you grow up and reflect that you truly realise it.

"Discover what is holding you back from what you truly want to be" Happiness isn't something that just happens to you, the power of small changes in our surroundings, habits and relationships help set us on the course for a happier life. After leaving college I spent too much time trying to figure out what I wanted to do and got sucked into the world of work! I was making money through part time jobs that weren't getting me anywhere and I didn't understand the long term effects that this could have. Over the same period of time I had awful habits and lacked genuine relationships, I pushed away the people who loved me who only wanted the best for me.

I knew I had to turn things around and sacrifice things short term to achieve in the long term. I quite my job and took on a year unpaid internship for a charity in London. Having no income was beyond a challenge, but this short term sacrifice resulted in a long term gain with an incredible job offer that started my real career. 

I have transformed my wellbeing with health and fitness and I make sure that the people that love me know that they’re loved back.

5 Things Proven to Make you Happier

1. Break a bad habit

For me breaking bad habits has been life changing, giving up something that inevitably makes you feel worse will allow you to feel a sense realisation and achievement. 2. Don't delay trying new things When you engage in a variety of experiences, you are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimise negative ones. 3. Get more sleep Since working a 9/5 job I have found it a lot easier to settle into a sleeping pattern. This has dramatically changed the way I feel and increased my energy levels, allowing me to complete everything I want to achieve in my day. 4. Learn to love yourself I have struggled with this but when you truly love yourself unhappiness is not an option, you value yourself enough to know that you deserve only the best. 5. Exercise Exercise for me has always been a mental release, it allows me to think more clearly. Happiness for me has been about the little victories and recognising their importance. Working hard to minimize the negatives has allowed me to accomplish more and feel motivated to make good things happen.


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