Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Is there such thing as a safe or healthy tan?

I always associated having a tan with being healthy and good looking, but when you research the long term effects of sun tanning its quite scary. I’ve also seen first hand the effects of sun damage. 

My Dad’s battled with skin damage for over 20 years. With red hair and a pale complication he was always more prone to sun damage. He had no real understanding of sun protection and living in California competing as a body builder he spent a significant amount of time using sun-beds and in the sun without UV protection. Being fair skinned and living the lifestyle that he did, working on a ‘tan’ for 20 years showed up as skin damage for the next 20 years.

From the age of 35 my dad has been under the care of doctors in dermatology undergoing various treatments, some surgical-some non surgical. 

One of his goals since having children has been to protect and teach us about the serious effects of sun exposure, as well as maintaining his own healthy lifestyle to defend and improve his skin health.

His Research

After decades of research into medical and non-medical methods for skin health and appearance he found that a high dietary intake of the right nutrients significantly improves skin defence. But in his case he knew that just eating the rights foods alone wouldn’t have the dramatic effect he needed. 

So “Is there such thing as a safe or healthy tan?” The answer is NO there is no such thing as safe or healthy tanning, but....there are ways of limiting the amount of sun exposure  required to achieve a healthy glow. Most fair skinned people sit out in the sun with inadequate UV protection hoping their redness will turn into a tan. But it never does; along with my Dad’s years of personal experience and research he then met his partner and after about a year of observing her lifestyle he had an epiphany. She had literally no visible signs of skin ageing and wore factor 50SPF daily while eating a strict vegetarian diet packed with seaweed, lemons, dark green vegetables and colourful fruits along with lots of mineral water and no sugar, dairy or alcohol. He was later surprised to realise that she’d had very fair skin as a younger woman, as her complexion now was always golden and tan. After his decades of research into nutrition based skin health he knew that his partner’s lifestyle was proof that the right nutrients for skin health could be the answer. However he also recognised that most people aren’t able to maintain the perfect diet & lifestyle of his partner. 

Creating Nutri-Tan

Developing a skin health system that worked for all types of skin was the mission. Whether you have skin damage or you want to protect yourself from damage this system and the lifestyle factors recommended will help and will definitely give you a sun kissed look year round without risking your health or ageing your skin. 

A golden complexion is something people long for, but its not worth it if skin damage is the cost. The Nutri-Tan Subscription box is the product of clinical and empirical research. Each product in the subscription box has been carefully developed to bio hack your body’s own tanning power. The system has been developed to easily fit into your daily routine for year round use. It helps your body to continuously produce melanin even in the cooler months ready for when the sun returns. Not to mention, the products defend your skin for sun-bed use too.


Nutri-Tan was blind tested by a group of people. Impressive results and feedback started after just one week of use and importantly there were very significant reports of decreased redness and burning. For me personally I have never managed to achieve a substantial tan until using the nutrition based products. I used go on holiday and lay out in the sun using tanning oil in the hope I would achieve a tan, only to return with sunburn and peeling. After using the Nutri-Tan system for a short period of time I saw a dramatic change in my base skin tone and achieved quick tanning with no burning. I haven’t had a sunburn since using Nutri-Tan and I get quick golden colour just from exercising outside. The Nutri-Tan system is now a part of my daily routine and I know I’m not going to suffer from the kind of sun damage my Dad did.



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